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Specializing in popular, contemporary hits, Jon Bos Band delivers an incredibly diverse range of material, from the 50's to present day. The band's stage presence is comfortable and engaging and the show; exciting, fun and interactive.

Jon, Jay and Rich are all dedicated experts in their fields and enjoy mining the depths of popular music to find just the right songs to perform; with the experience that only a full time, professional musician could bring to the stage. The band is constantly evolving their setlist to hone the perfect experience; expertly reading the crowd and playing the perfect selection, every time.


Although the guys have all been playing professionally most of their adult lives, there is still a huge sense of excitement and joy as the three respect and value each other both as musicians and friends, and that trust, confidence and excitement can be felt all the way to the back of the room.

From familiar sing-along hits to danceable favorites, Jon Bos Band is tremendously entertaining, professional, reliable and sounds fantastic.

Rich is a highly skilled master of the bass guitar and is the anchor of rythmn in the Jon Bos Band. Rich has long been active in the Canadian music scene, and has toured around the world multiple times with varied major Canadian recording artists.

Rich has performed with and/or written songs for Art Bergmann, ShoCore, Bif Naked, The Real McKenzies, and more. Rich is most widely known for playing bass guitar and keyboards in the Matthew Good Band and has 3 Juno awards for co writing and performing with the Canadian icon.

Jay is a smooth, creative and dynamic drummer and percussionist with an acute understanding of song dynamics, meter and tempo. In addition to delivering the solid backbone a rock band requires, Jay can also be found singing harmony in almost every song.

Jay has had many accomplishments touring with major label artists across Canada, expertly performing styles from hard rock to country and bluegrass. With studio recordings and videos that have hit the charts, Jay has collaborated with Julian Austin, The Cruzeros, Rachel Matkin, Roger Gabriel, Joanne Stacey and Twin Peaks.


















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